“Rahul Kapoor has made it his life’s mission to transform the way people work, interact and live. With an inspiring and electric stage presence that has earned him the moniker “live wire”, he is India’s leading mindset coach, motivational speaker and author.”

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Are you looking for the Top Motivational Speaker in India?

Rahul Kapoor is consistently ranked among the top motivational speakers in India by leading magazines and popular newspapers. His name often appears alongside other renowned motivational speakers in India, such as Deepak Chopra, Shiv Khera, Sandeep Maheshwari, Arunima Sinha, Gaur Gopal Das, Sister BK Shivani, Vivek Bindra, Anand Kumar, and Major Gaurav Arya.

If you’re looking for the best motivational speaker in India, Rahul Kapoor is a top-rated choice. His inspiring speeches have made a significant impact on many lives across the country.

Journey of Rahul Kapoor from Common Man to a leading
Motivational Speaker in India

Rahul Kapoor's journey into the field of touching people's lives began when a series of life changing events touched his own life. He stepped into the arena of training people at a very early age. It was that time when corporate training and motivational speaking industry in India were still in a very nascent stage. He adorned the role of a charismatic, enthusiastic trainer and at a point in time during the initial period of his career, Rahul Kapoor was recognized as one of the Youngest Motivational Speakers in India.

In 1998, at the age of 20, Rahul Kapoor launched his first company Kapoor’s Workshop on Effective Communication, and began his career as a seminar speaker. This was while he was still a student of post-graduate studies. Little did he know that he would rise up to be one of the top motivational speakers in India. Within 12 months he had trained over 1800 people which attracted the attention of India’s most-read newspaper, The Times of India, which featured him in a special column ‘The Rising Sun’. Soon after that, he was engaged by Manipal Hospital to train doctors in Intensive Care Units on interpersonal and communication skills, this placed Rahul in the big league straight away.

Rahul Kapoor has received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Bangalore University and Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from Bhavan’s Rajendra Prasad Institute of Communication & Management, Bangalore.

Apart from being a motivational speaker and a mindset coach, he also a guest faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB).

Inspired by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, Rahul Kapoor established a charitable trust in 2007 called 'Ignite India Initiative'. It’s aim was to train and inspire 500,000 youth in India.

In 2010 he launched Jain Youth Leadership Forum (JYLF) to spread the philosophy of non-violence and mutual co-existence.

Rahul Kapoor’s love for sports especially cricket earned him a rare opportunity to work with Royal Challengers Bangalore Franchise as the official in-stadium host in Indian Premier League (IPL) seasons 3, 4 & 5 and also their motivational speaker.

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Over the last two decades, through hundreds of talks, he has ignited and transformed the mindsets of millions of individuals, hundreds of teams and large scale organizations including Fortune 500 companies across India, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and the United States.

Through a unique combination of psychology, science and spirituality, Rahul Kapoor uses insights to draw out the potential in each individual. He helps them understand how to unlock and ignite their abilities in order to live a life charged with purpose and positivity, thus creating better workplaces, better relationships and better homes.

Every participant at his talks has come away feeling transformed, and has shown tremendous improvements in their health, relationships and rise in productivity.

PS. Rahul Kapoor is the pseudo name of Rahul Kumar Kantilal. He adopted the name Kapoor in memory of his grandfather Late. Mr. Kapoorchand.


Executives flock to his workshops from companies like Accenture, Biocon, Cisco, Dell, Google, Hewlett Packard, HDFC Ergo, Microsoft, Philips, Samsung, Volvo and countless more. They seek guidance and mentoring in the areas of purpose, relationships, performance, and leadership.
He is a guest faculty at IIM Bangalore since 2009 where he conducts the ‘Bond and Learn’ sessions for Executive General Management Program (EGMP), Entrepreneurs & Family Businesses and Armed Forces Program.
He has authored two books: Workwise - Lessons in Excellence for Young Professionals which was published by The Times Group Books and Dad & I - Inspiring Stories for Teens. Both the books have had a tremendous impact on the readers.
A regular contributor to The Times of India - Education Times, Dainik Bhaskar and Feelings Magazine, his perspectives on peak performance are widely sought after in various media channels.

Why Rahul

  • WELL RESEARCHED & TAILOR MADE CONTENT Each program is designed and customized for maximum results
  • SESSIONS ARE CONDUCTED IN ENGLISH & HINDIPowerful messages are delivered using simple languages to create a bias for action
  • RAHUL CREATES ENERGY AND PASSIONEvery session is incorporated with examples, exercises, live sharing and soul stirring music to keep the attendees engaged throughout
  • EVERYONE IS INSPIRED TO TAKE ACTIONEvery talk has a strong call for action that leads into noticeable change and improvement
  • Rahul Kapoor Clients
  • Rahul Kapoor Clients
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  • Rahul Kapoor Clients

Top Motivational Programs of Rahul Kapoor

  • Duvvuri Subbarao
    Duvvuri Subbarao
    Former Governor, Reserve Bank of India
    “I measure the value of anything I hear or am exposed to by how much I retain after six months. Rahul Kapoor the keynote speaker at ICAI, Dubai passes that test with great aplomb. His message about how to set and achieve personal and professional goals is centered around the core attributes of our personality and behaviour. He inspires and exhorts you to make a commitment to be a better human being.”
  • Dipesh Shah
    Dipesh Shah
    Managing Director, Samsung Research & Development India
    “Rahul Kapoor, is an extraordinary motivational speaker, he captivated and established a profound connection with each of our 30 Thought Leaders. His ability to create the ideal mindset for our transformative journey was fabulous. Rahul's expertise played a pivotal role in igniting our collective drive for growth and personal transformation. With his powerful words and exceptional delivery, he inspired us to embark on a remarkable path of self-discovery and professional advancement.”
  • Motilal Oswal
    Motilal Oswal
    Chairman & MD, Motilal Oswal
    “Our organization had the privilege of hosting Rahul Kapoor as a keynote speaker for our leaders, and the experience was nothing short of exciting and enlightening. His session was infused with high energy and power, leaving a lasting impact on our audience. What made his presentation truly remarkable was the seamless integration of ideas supported by the realms of science, psychology, and spirituality.”
  • Ramdev Agarwal
    Ramdev Agarwal
    Joint MD, Motilal Oswal
    “Rahul Kapoor has left an indelible mark on me. His concept of "Constant Consistent Commitment" to a purpose resonated deeply and became my personal key takeaway. I am immensely grateful to him for sharing his wisdom and inspiring me on my journey.”
  • Amit Phadnis
    Amit Phadnis
    Vice President Engineering, Cisco
    “I haven’t met a person who has more natural talent than Rahul. He has an amazing capacity to engage people, he also has a great ability to understand the theme of the event and be able to design his message in a way that really aligns with that event and pushes that message significantly further than what you normally would be able to do.”
  • Mahesh Nayak
    Mahesh Nayak
    COO SAP Labs India
    “Rahul has an exceptional ability to keep the ‘Emotional Connect’ going with the audience throughout his talk.”
  • Ashish Mukherjee
    Ashish Mukherjee
    Director, Corporate & Public Market Initiatives – MSD
    “True, honest and hard-hitting speaker! You can’t ignore Rahul while he is in action.”
  • Ananth Rani
    Ananth Rani
    Co-founder & CEO, Azuga
    “Super energetic, very dynamic and authentic. Rahul is just a brilliant speaker.”
  • Himanshu Sarviaya
    Himanshu Sarviaya
    President, NSR Hotels
    “Rahul Kapoor's contributions to NSR Hotels over the past three years with our leadership team has been exceptional.
    The high performance mindset coaching sessions designed for specific needs of our business and his ability to inspire our colleagues have been instrumental in driving our organization's growth and success. ”

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Awards & Achievements as a Motivational Speaker

  • He is a youth icon and partners with organizations worldwide in motivating youth to lead a powerful value based life.
  • He has been recognised by many esteemed organizations for his outstanding work.
  • In 2010, Junior Chambers International honored Rahul Kapoor with Outstanding Young Persons of India Award in the category of Personal Improvement and Achievement.
  • Award for Excellence 2013 by Jain International Trade Organization (JITO).
  • Man With A Vision Award in 2013 by Vishwa Dharma Chetana Manch, Tirupati.
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award by Seshadripuram College, Bangalore University.
  • In 2016, he was conferred with Young Achievers Award at Young India Conclave.

His wide range of clientele includes top corporate brands, Fortune 500 companies, leading educational institutes, professional forums, communities and social organizations.

Rahul Kapoor while donning many hats as a motivational speaker, mindset coach, facilitator and author has interacted, worked with and learnt from some of the world’s best achievers like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S Dhoni, Chris Gayle, Shah Rukh Khan, Narayan Murthy, Vallabh Bhansali among others.

What Makes Rahul Kapoor One of the Top Motivational Speakers in India?

Rahul Kapoor, one of the top motivational speakers in India has been motivating people across all ages and backgrounds to live a powerful life and experience success and fulfilment. In a world where ‘cutting edge’ defines the new era of success, the term 'Motivation' needs to be re-defined. Rahul Kapoor does just that.

This practice has made him rank in the top 10 motivational speakers in India. He belongs to the genre of India's most renowned motivational speakers whose talks are enriched with a combination of science, psychology, and spirituality which equips participants with the necessary tools and techniques to take massive actions and bring about a transformation in their lives.

This is why he is listed as one of the world-class motivational speakers. He has created a niche for himself with his unique signature style of delivering highly impactful motivational talks which mesmerises and inspires his audiences to rewire their minds for outstanding results. The extraordinary feedback he receives after every motivational program speaks volumes about his impact.

Rahul Kapoor's Calendar 2023-24

Date Event Location
28th Feb IPI - Transformation in Action USA
21st Feb Silver Emporium - Family First (On Invitations Only) Palitana
20th Feb Private Program - Family First (On Invitations Only) Bangalore
18th Feb Dharm aur Hum (Open to all) Surat
6th Feb DELL - GO ALL IN Bangalore
5th Feb Menarini Pharma - GO ALL IN Italy
1st Feb Mulberry & Bikaner House - GO ALL IN (Corporate) Bangalore
26th Jan IPI - GO ALL IN - (Corporate) PAN USA
21 Jan BAPS - Strong Families Grow Together (Open for All) Los Angeles
20 Jan JSCS - The Power of One Team (Non-Profit - On Invitations Only) Los Angeles
8 Jan Private Program - Happily Together (Couples) Mumbai
30 Dec ATULYA MARWAD UTSAV - Charan Sparsh (Families) Tavao
28 Dec JYOT - Safeguarding and Expanding Our Rich Heritage (Open to all) Palitana
24 Dec UKA TARSADIA University - The Art of Being Extraordinary (Teachers) Bardoli
23 Dec SRMD - Global Youth Festival - GO ALL IN (Youth) Dharmpur
22 Dec TMEIC - One Team One Dream (Corporate) Chikmangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rahul Kapoor?

Rahul Kapoor is a motivational speaker, keynote speaker and mindset coach. He started his career in training and motivational speaking at a very young age. He is recognized as one of the youngest motivational speakers in India.

What is Rahul Kapoor’s educational background?

Rahul Kapoor has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Bangalore University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from Bhavan’s Rajendra Prasad Institute of Communication & Management, Bangalore.

What are some of the initiatives Rahul Kapoor has started?

Rahul Kapoor established a charitable trust in 2007 called ‘Ignite India Initiative’ with the aim to train and inspire 500,000 youth in India. In 2010, he launched the Jain Youth Leadership Forum (JYLF) to spread the philosophy of non-violence and mutual co-existence.