Goal Setting

2/3/3.5 hours (3 options to choose from)
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A proven scientific approach for Students & Young professionals to build powerful Careers

A person without goals is like a ship equipped with everything except the rudder. The Goal Setting program reiterates the significance of this skill, and also offers a ready methodology for setting goals as well as achieving them.

Live Your Dreams

Rahul Kapoor's personal journey of rising from the dust to become the recipient of Outstanding Young Persons of India Award in 2010, stands testimony that this program is designed with real-life practical success technologies. Over the last 20 years Rahul has worked with the world's best sportsmen, actors, journalists, business and spiritual leaders. In his many interactions with them he has tried to see the commonalities that made them all so successful. This program is an outcome of such findings.

Moving from desires to reality

Everyone has heard to succeed, you need a plan. Why then some of us take the time to identify our goals and make a plan for reaching them? This simple, effective and powerful training system will help you in setting goals in a scientific manner, enable you to create realistic action plans and also assist you in converting them into reality.


  • Learn how to determine your personal strengths
  • Decide what you truly value in life
  • Focus on what you want to accomplish in the years ahead

Program Content

  • 8 step goal setting model
  • 5 motivational techniques
  • Effective time management skills

What will you gain?

  • Unlock your potential
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarify your values
  • Set SMART Goals
  • Remove roadblocks
  • Get ready to take action

Top 10 Other Clients

Over 15,000 students have been inspired by this extremely powerful, immensely practical and simple to follow program. The fact that Jain Group of Institutions has been offering this program to all its management students since 2007 stands as a testimony that this program has been one of the most consistent and effective offerings by Rahul to the students community.

What people are saying...

  • In the past 8 years, over 5000 students of our institute have attended this program. It is uniquely designed with honest, practical and easy to implement model for success. And Rahul's outstanding ability to inspire the youth makes it a complete package.Dinesh Nilkant Center Head, Center for Management Studies, Jain University
  • To see students excel in all aspects of life is our primary motto, Rahul's sessions have brought in a new paradigm which will leads our students to not only succeed in the careers but also contribute to our society and country.Sukanya ChattopadyayPrincipal, S.R.N. Adarsh PU College
  • I was touched, inspired and motivated to a great extent. I know now what my goals are and how to achieve them. Thank you.Deboshree Bose 1st year MBA, Jain University
  • I experienced the best moment of my life in this program. I call it my 'moment of truth'. I got to know about my competencies, capacity and all the opportunities that lie ahead of me. I am rearing to go and make my dream come true.Arjun NiroulaMBA 2nd Year, Sona School of Management