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Highlights of recent programs & events delivered by Rahul

Welcome to our News and Events page! Stay updated with our latest programs, inspiring motivational talks, and exciting events. We believe in empowering individuals through knowledge and positive experiences. Explore the highlights of our recent activities and join us on this journey of growth and transformation.

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Jain University – Live Your Dreams: Goal Setting

India’s top youth motivator, Rahul Kapoor returned to his beloved platform, CMS - Bangalore, India's premier institute for BBA studies. Marking his 15th consecutive year at the orientation program, Rahul delivered his renowned motivational address titled "LIVE YOUR DREAM - Goal Setting" to an audience of more than 500 enthusiastic students spread across 8 sessions.

Here are the top 3 quotes from his talk:

  1. Raise expectations from YOURSELF - not others.
  2. When you operate out of High Standards people will notice your strengths but when you do things with Low Standards people will only see your weaknesses.
  3. To best way to avoid fear, anxiety and depression is to Increase your OPTIONS and take ACTIONS

JAIN JAGRUTI CENTER – Annual Alumni Meet 2023

Youth motivator Rahul Kapoor delivered an impactful virtual session during the Annual Convention at the Jain Jagruti Center in New Jersey. The event, held in a hybrid format, drew a global audience of over 2000 alumni.

Rahul Kapoor's address centered on the theme of Resilience, emphasizing the importance of maintaining focus during challenging times, particularly as the world faces economic uncertainty. He advocated for cultivating 100% Response*Ability, encouraging the youth to acquire fresh skills, expand their networks, and actively seek out avenues for recovery and growth.

JULY 2023

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Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of inspiration as Rahul Kapoor graces the stage at the prestigious JAINA Convention, alongside revered luminaries such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sri Guru Ratna Prabhu, and Acharya Lokesh Muni, among other distinguished figures. Prepare to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and achievement through the dynamic medium of Rahul's motivational talks.

Join us as we delve into the transformative prowess of Rahul's words, where he imparts his unparalleled wisdom and insights. This is your opportunity to be part of an unforgettable expedition toward personal growth and triumph.

Mark your calendars for these enlightening sessions:

  • 1st July 2023: "Unleashing the Power of Purusharth"
  • 3rd July 2023: "How Jain Practices Shape Our Genes and Well Being"

These sessions promise to unlock new dimensions of understanding and propel you on a path of empowerment and success. Don't miss this chance to elevate your life's journey under the guidance of India’s top inspirational speaker Rahul Kapoor and an assembly of esteemed luminaries.



JAINA Long Range Committee

INVITATION: Jain Path to Happiness Workshop!

Discover the path to inner tranquility, reduced stress, and heightened mental clarity alongside, Rahul Kapoor, a distinguished transformational mindset coach and inspirational speaker. Join us for an exceptional and exclusive 2.5-hour workshop that promises a unique experience of self-discovery and growth.

During this transformative workshop, we will embark on a journey of introspection, delving into our inner desires and exploring ways to attain them through the timeless principles of Jainism. This event is made possible through a collaboration with Local Jain Centers and the esteemed JAINA Long Range Planning Committee, ensuring an unparalleled opportunity for enrichment.

Crafted with meticulous care, the workshop's content is inspired and informed by the renowned authors, Dr. Manoj and Yogendra Jain, known for their illuminating literary works such as "Jain Way of Life" and "Jain Path" books. We have distilled the profound teachings of the Tattvartha Sutra into a format that renders Jain philosophy and principles accessible and applicable to the modern context.

Seize this moment to unlock the secrets to happiness and fulfilment. Secure your spot now and set forth on a transformative journey that promises to reshape your life.


  • 08th July 2023 - Boston
  • 09th July 2023 - Atlanta
  • 15th July 2023 - New Jersey
  • 16th July 2023 - New York
  • 23rd July 2023 - Los Angeles

JUNE 2023

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Outbound Learning Program for Organizational Unity!

Celebrate with us as we unveil the resounding success of our exclusive, full-day outbound learning initiative held this past June. At the heart of this endeavor was the integration of Synaptics' Vision and Values, a testament to our commitment to holistic growth.

Guided by the expertise of renowned team-building expert, Rahul Kapoor, this program encompassed four dynamic and transformative sessions that resonated across every echelon of the organization. Engineered with meticulous care, these sessions were strategically designed to weave a tapestry of unity and collaboration.

The carefully curated activities were purposefully calibrated to dissolve barriers and ignite the spirit of collective accomplishment. In the capable hands of team building maestro, Rahul Kapoor, participants were empowered to transcend their individual objectives and unite under the banner of a singular vision.

Through this immersive experience, we kindled a mindset that not only champions effective teamwork but also fuels a profound sense of cohesion within the exceptional workforce. The culmination of top-notch strategy and the guidance of Rahul Kapoor as a team building expert resulted in a tapestry of unity that promises to propel Synaptics toward unparalleled success.

Witness the embodiment of one team, one dream, and explore the transformative impact of our top-tier team building program led by none other than Rahul Kapoor.

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India's top presenter and quiz master, Rahul Kapoor, had the esteemed privilege of hosting the much-anticipated semi-final round of an exhilarating challenge. From a pool of 20,000 talented participants spanning the nation, the cream of the crop - the top 8 finalists - engaged in a fierce battle for the ultimate victory.

Rahul Kapoor orchestrated an extraordinary event, diving into the intricate relationship between the mind and body. This engagement provided participants with an extraordinary opportunity to personally witness the immense influence of this connection. The session, a blend of adventure, knowledge, wit, and revelation, embarked the finalists on an enthralling expedition.

Within the arena of the treadmill, twists and turns unfolded through various rounds, pushing the contenders beyond their limits and spotlighting their remarkable skills. This riveting affair not only showcased the remarkable capabilities of the human mind and body but also underscored their harmonious potential.

APRIL 2023

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Maximising Performance Through Psychometric Assessments

In a recent milestone, we had the distinct honor of presenting a virtual workshop, which spearheaded by the esteemed motivational speaker and high-performance mindset coach, Rahul Kapoor. With participation spanning Kaleyra's global sales team, this remarkable event centered around an exploration of self-discovery across three pivotal domains: self-image, work persona, and adeptness under pressure.

This immersive session was meticulously designed to facilitate active engagement, fostering profound insights among the participants. Rahul Kapoor, a luminary in his field, expertly guided them through this journey, arming them with invaluable tools to harness their newfound self-awareness. The results were profound, leading to amplified outcomes and enhanced efficacy in their customer interactions.

This initiative propelled Kaleyra’s Sales Team towards unlocking unparalleled achievements, empowered by a refined self-image and a high-performance mindset.

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Micro Labs – Annual Budget Meet 2023

Rahul Kapoor delivered a captivating keynote address, meticulously tailored to align with this year's powerful theme: Adapt. Transform. Excel.

Titled "Let's Make It Happen," this program attracted over 600 leaders and managers from across India, all seeking to embrace a growth mindset.

With a strategic focus on creating conscious and subconscious impact, Rahul's talk inspired participants to adapt to evolving work dynamics and drive transformative change within their organizations. The objective was to excel in the industry by setting new benchmarks and embracing innovative ways of working.

The event left attendees motivated and empowered to initiate positive transformations, both individually and collectively.

MARCH 2023

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We are thrilled to share the resounding success of Rahul Kapoor's keynote address, "Ignite Your Inner Potential," which captivated an audience of over 1000 participants. This transformative talk was specifically designed to empower attendees to tap into their untapped potential and unlock success in various aspects of their lives, including business, relationships, and health.

Under the guidance of esteemed leaders, District Governor Shashank Rastogi and Conference Chairman Dilip Golecha, the program showcased the incredible power within each individual. Rahul Kapoor's insightful message resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring them to take bold steps towards personal and professional growth.

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We are thrilled to share the exciting news of Rahul Kapoor's pivotal role in a prestigious initiative focused on nurturing thought leadership within Samsung R&D Institute India. As an integral part of this esteemed venture, Rahul Kapoor has meticulously crafted a specialized iteration of his renowned program, "GO ALL IN - Creating High Performance Mindset."

Within this exclusive edition, participants are presented with distinctive challenges designed to unlock their full potential. By conquering internal conflicts, realigning their core values, and cultivating empowering beliefs, individuals are poised to unleash their optimal selves.

Guided by Rahul's profound expertise and mentorship, participants gain invaluable insights, arming them with essential tools for excelling as thought leaders in their respective domains. This exceptional program acts as a catalyst for both personal and professional advancement, propelling individuals towards unprecedented echelons of achievement. As a top mindset coach and transformation expert, Rahul Kapoor's influence fosters unparalleled growth and success.

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JITO North Delhi Chapter is hosting “CHARAN SPARSH”, a hearty tribute to our parents being anchored by India’s leading Motivational Speaker- Rahul Kapoor Jain. on Sunday, 19th August 2018 at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, entrance from Gate Number 19 from 9.30 am - 12.30 pm. Watch the program Live On Paras TV.

Motivational Event in Nestle

Nestle Nutrition Institute signed up Rahul to deliver motivational workshops for pediatricians across South India. In the last quarter, he has addressed over 300 doctors on the subject – ‘importance to collaborate with all stakeholders to tackle problems of deficiency in nutrition, protein, iron etc'.

Rahul Kapoor - Serene Sixties program

Serene Sixties - A Life That Counts

A very special program was organized by Christian Enrichment Ministry, Bangalore for senior citizen in the age group of 60-70 years. Rahul was invited to re-ignite the passion for life in them. The 250 attendees had an amazing time with Rahul in an hour-long talk, which was filled with humor, emotions and some very practical ideas on how to challenge limiting beliefs that stops us from living a life that matters.

Charan Sparsh

Rahul delivered a special talk titled ‘Charan Sparsh’, to a large audience of 7000 people at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Indoor Stadium, Surat and other guests included JethaLal (Dilip Joshi) and Champaklal Chaha (Amit Bhatt) of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma fame. This program was organized by Nakoda Social Group.

Young Achievers Award

Rahul Kapoor was conferred with the ‘Young Achievers Award’ in the category of Social Entrepreneurship at Young India Conclave held at Bangalore on 14th May 2016.

Sadharan Se Asadharan Jeevan Ke Rahasya

Rahul delivered a special program titled ‘Sadharan Se Asadharan Jeevan Ke Rahasya’ at GMDC Auditorium, Ahmedabad, over 3000 people from the business community were present at the fundraiser program for JEET (Jain Education and Empowerment Trust). The esteemed guests who graced this occasion were senior leaders from companies like Adani, Torrent, Waree, LD Insitute of Indology etc.