The Level 10 Game

45 - 90 mins
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Achieve peak Performance with increased Productivity & enhanced Results

Which level do you play at?

Winners are made, not born. Everyone knows that but very few of us actively engage with our inner power to bring out the uncommon winner buried within us. Are you making full use of the tremendous potential in you to live the best life you can possibly imagine? Do you maximize your strengths and talents to be the kind of go-getter that always comes out on top in any situation? In short, are you being the outstanding winner you truly know yourself to be?

Touch Points of the Session

  • Develop 100% Commitment
  • Redefine Integrity
  • Manufacture the ‘Right’ thoughts
  • Power of Team Work
  • Be a Stand – Take the Risks
  • Executional Excellence
  • Put Something at Stake
  • The Buck Stops With You

What will you Gain?

This high energy program will rewire you from the ground up-to help you break through your own inner barriers and create incredible long lasting transformations in your life immediately.

You will learn how to

  • Ignite your performance
  • Thrive on challenges
  • Eliminate problem areas
  • Accelerate your progress
  • Become a possibility thinker
  • Live authentically

This programme has been designed for sales professionals although the content can be made suitable for any team seeking peak performance.

Top 5 projects

Rahul was engaged to conduct a series of tailor made activities to deliver the theme ‘YOU’ for the Leadership team of Alok Ohrie - President and Managing Director – Dell India. The impact of his delivery lead to him being invited to address the All India sales team conference that was held at Malaysia, where he delivered his Inspirational talk – The Level 10 Game and finally Rahul was also called upon to Ignite the spirit of Collaboration among Dell India’s channel partners premium summit held at Dubai.

MSD has always used Rahul as an Inspirational Speaker for various events involving their sales teams. However, under the Leadership of Ashis Mukherjee - Director, corporate and Public Market Initiative. A first of its kind Initiative was launched titled An Evening with Rahul Kapoor for all their stockists and distributors across the country.

Ravi Kumar – Senior Vice President – NTT Global Delivery Services Limited, launched the Year of Excellence project in 5 locations across the country by engaging Rahul to deliver The Level 10 Game program. Rahul conducted 8 sessions covering over 3000 participants and delivered the messages of Innovation, Employee Engagement and Customer focus.

Canon India utilized Rahul’s power to Inspire by engaging him in series of talks for the sales teams of their channel partners, the Research and Development team and Service & Support teams. He addressed over 500 people in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Jaipur.

The Learning and Development team of Schneider Electric utilized Rahul’s services as an Inspirational Speaker and a Facilitator for 11 Teams across the country. He was entrusted with the responsibility to conduct sessions to address various complex and sensitive issues that the company was facing in the context of changing economic scenario in India.

Other Top 10 Clients

Leaders inspired by Rahul

  • Rahul comes across as an honest and commited to task speaker, where with his simplicity, enthusiasm and concern for human feelings was able to deliver the messgaes and hold the audience attention throughout. We really enjoyed the session and it will surely help us achieve the expected results.Noronha SBCEO, Africa Operations, Strides Acrolab Ltd.
  • True, honest and hard-hitting speaker! You can’t ignore Rahul while he is in action.Ashish MukherjeeDirector, corporate and Public Market Initiative, MSD
  • Within 45 min Rahul was able to hit the point and reach the depth of your heart. The fluency of his delivery, the passion which he exudes, his focus on the theme - You want to believe him because you want to believe in yourself.Mythili KrishnamurthyGeneral Manager, Canara Bank